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The advantages of learning Spanish in Madrid

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and Madrid is arguably the best city which provides the greatest amount of opportunities to learn. The capital of Spain is accustomed to welcoming a great diversity of cultures and different nationalities and it’s for this reason that we find the greatest number and highest quality of Spanish courses in Madrid for foreigners.


Of the 5 most spoken languages in the world, Mandarin, English, Spanish, Hindu and Arabic, Spanish is unique in the fact that in recent times the demand for learning and use of Spanish has notably increased.

According to data from the general director of Tourism in Madrid, Carlos Chaguaceda, 21 million students are currently studying Spanish as a foreign language, data that emphasizes the growing enjoyment of Castellano over the world.

If you are a foreigner and want to obtain a certification in Spanish, you don’t need to search for miraculous formulas. There are countless offers of Spanish courses in Madrid available for foreigners.


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At Sunny academy we offer complete Spanish courses or personalized intensive Spanish courses from beginner to advanced level, for foreigners that want to take advantage of their stay in Madrid.

So, why learn Spanish in Madrid?


1. Increased specialization

Madrid Capital is a very common destination for Exchange students, Young foreigners looking for new experiences and to perfect their second language. It is for this reason that the academy’s and institutions of language offer Spanish courses in Madrid that have been specialized to this niche market.


2. The purest form of the language

Spain is a territory rich in linguistic diversity as you can find in each autonomous community a variety of specialized dialects. Although Madrid doesn’t want to lose its traditional expressions and language form, it is said to be the city in which Spanish is spoken in its purest form. Due to this, to learn Spanish in Madrid is simpler for foreigners tan areas with more linguistic variation such as Galicia, Valencia or Andalucía.

3. Opportunity of language Exchange with locals

Like anything in real life, learning takes place both in the classroom and outside its walls. Madrid offers a wide variety of bars and cafes in which we can encounter many people looking to perfect their second language. If you want to improve your English or your Spanish, in these local spots you are guaranteed to find the perfect person who you can share experiences and stories in the language that you choose.


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4. More flexible learning schedules

Madrid is a city that does not rest, with more than 5 million habitants; it’s not difficult for this phenomenon to occur. Due to this, the academy’s and schools of languages offer flexible schedules for those that, due to work of study commitments, cannot commit to a fixed learning Schedule of Spanish classes.


5. Rich cultural experiences

The best kind of learning is always a combination of class based learning with cultural enrichment. To live in Madrid opens a world of cultural possibilities; its world famous museums and its historical legacy make Madrid a very interesting and culturally rich city to study its native language in.

If you are still not convinced as to why to learn Spanish in Madrid, don’t hesitate to visit our academy. At Sunny we guarantee the best Spanish courses in Madrid for foreigners.